A measure of user engagement with a website

Last updated: January 31, 2022

A measure of user engagement with a website is:

A) Site bounce rate

B) Page bounce rate

C) Unique visitors

D) Average page depth

The correct answer would be B, the page bounce rate. The bounce rate of a website is a very important metric, since it shows how interested visitors are in the content they are seeing. There could be many reasons why visitors leave, such as not seeing anything they haven’t seen before, the content isn’t what was expected, they got bored, or they aren’t sure what the website is about. Bounce rate is also tied to time spent on the site, which won’t be recorded if the visitor doesn’t trigger an event, like moving to another page; this means if they stay on one page, such as the home page, the time spent during their visit won’t be recorded. Measuring bounce rate can be done through Google analytics in the column for bounce rate under the “All Pages” tab.