All queries have only one intent: know, do, website, or local intent

Last updated: February 4, 2022

True or false. 

The answer to this question would be true. When it comes to queries on search engines, the intent is important to understand. Search intent can be broken down into four types of searches, and all queries only have one intent. These intents are as follows:

● Know – This is a query when a user is looking for information, which could be about anything from the weather to pets, what nutritional supplement to take, or even what movies scored the highest reviews in the last year. 

● Do – This type of query can also be called a transactional query since the user is searching for a product or service they are wanting to find out about to potentially make a purchase. These searches could be something like “Guardians of the Galaxy poster”, “SEO agencies”, or “sports shoes”.

● Website – This type of query can also be called a navigational query since the user has a specific website in mind, or in other words, destination. This could be directly searching for Reddit or Facebook, and more.

● Local intent – The final type of search intent can also be called transactional intent. This is when the user is searching for a place of business near them where they can buy the product. It could even be a search of online sites that sell specific items, for example, “buy clothes online”. 

It’s important to remember that the different types of search intent relate to different stages of the buying process, so paying attention to each of them with regard to SEO is important.