Google Helps Marketers Connect with People Using What Three Kinds of Data?

Last updated: October 4, 2022

If you are looking to pass your Google Ads exam, you will need to know the answer to the question “Google helps marketers connect with people using what three kinds of data?”. Below are common possible answers, with only one being correct. 

Demographic, purchase intent and declared

Passion, purchase intent, and personalization

Declared, matched, and demographic

Declared, social, and offline

The correct answer would be a passion, purchase intent, and personalization. The reason for this is that many deeper layers of information are used to connect marketers with the right people by understanding what the people want and who they are in the moment. These layers include;

Passion: Google uses custom affinity audiences and affinity audiences to connect with people based on passion.

Purchase intent: Google uses in-market audiences to connect with people based on their purchase intent.

Personalization: Google uses Google Customer Match, remarketing, and similar audiences to connect people with personalized targeting.