How Can Performance Planner Serve Your Business?

Last updated: June 28, 2022

One of the best tools that businesses and brands can take advantage of in 2022 is Performance Planner, a tool that allows you to see how much you will be spending on advertising, as well as allowing you to see if your advertising campaign changes will affect overall performance and key metrics. As such, you might be wondering “how can Performance Planner serve my business?”. Below are possible answers to that question; 

1. Teaching your employees the fundamentals of personal budgeting?

2. Determining which of Google’s ads are most appropriate for your brand?

3. Optimizing your ad budget for maximum growth?

4. Finding areas of your total budget that could contribute to marketing?

The correct answer is 3, by optimizing your ad budget for maximum growth. The primary way Performance Planner can do this is because it assesses the billions of search queries that are updated every 24 hours. It then considers your advertising campaign and determines the performance and success of that campaign, compared to the data it analyses. More than this, Performance Planner also allows you to change campaign settings to see various outcomes and results.