How to delete Google business page

Last updated: December 6, 2021

Something that many business owners may want to do is remove their business page or account from Google. This could be for many reasons; the business is now closed, you are no longer managing the business, you’re starting a new business, etc. If you have had your fair share of frustration trying to delete your business page, then you have come to the right place. This is how to delete your Google business page. 

Remove Single Business Page

1. The first step to removing your Google business page is to visit and sign into Google My Business. For this, you will need the Google account that was used when signing up. 

2. Then you will need to click on the account that is going to be deleted, followed by clicking on the menu button. 

3. Next you will select Info, and after that you will click on Close or Remove This Listing, then Remove Listing, and finally Remove.

Keep in mind that you may need to remove your business from Google Maps first, and if you haven’t done that, then you should do that after doing this. 


Remove More Than One Business

Whilst removing multiple businesses at once, you may get an error message, in which case you will need to remove them individually. To do this, you can follow these steps:  

1. First you will need to sign in to Google My Business, just like the step above. 

2. Now you will need to select all the locations that you want to remove.

3. After that you should click on Actions, Remove Businesses, then Remove, which can be found on the right.


Things To Be Aware Of

Removing a business account is permanent and cannot be undone, so you should be absolutely sure

that is what you want to do. Google does suggest that instead of removing your business account, you

should consider closing it, which can also be done in Google My Business. This is because all your data

and information will be saved in case you want to open the business again. The search results will show

that your business is permanently closed. It is also advisable to just transfer ownership if you no longer

own the business, then to remove the account.