How to exclude website from Google search

Last updated: January 31, 2022

If you have been searching the web, you have undoubtedly come across websites that are particularly unhelpful. Or perhaps you want to make it so that no entertainment related websites pop up in the search results on your work laptop. Well, this is possible, and if you have been wondering how to exclude a website from your Google search, this is how. 

Block With Chrome Extension

The first method is quite simple and only requires you to install a free Chrome extension named Personal Blocklist, but you should be aware that this extension is not developed by Google, so use it at your own risk. Once you have installed it, you will then see an option to block a domain underneath each search result, which then adds it to the list. 

This is the most convenient method since you can block domains as you are searching with the click of a button. However, this doesn’t save to your Google Search settings across all devices, so if you are using your mobile device, you will see the sites you have blocked. 

Edit Built-In Search Bar of Chrome

This method is a little bit more technical, but doesn’t require you to install any additional extensions, and you can add multiple entries to the blocklist at once. The first thing you will need to do is go to Settings>Manage Search Engines within Chrome, then you will need to copy the text in the field under URL with %s in place of query, after clicking on the default Google search.

Once you have done that you can exit this menu and click on the add button to create a new entry which you can name whatever you want. Then in the same field, under URL with %s in place of query, where you copied the text initially, add +-site:quora.*+ after ?q=, or whichever site name you want to block. The star in that command essentially blocks all variations of the site, which means it doesn’t matter if it’s .net, .com, .org, it will be blocked. Once you have saved that, you can head back and make that your default search engine. Remember that you can add multiple sites, for which the entry should be +-site:**site_name**+ each time, and it should be under the same search engine, otherwise you will have multiple search engines that are each blocking specific sites, instead of one search engine that is blocking multiple.

Excluding Domains From Individual Searches

Another final way you can do this, if you just want to exclude a domain from your current search and not block them forever, you just need to add the domain name into the search. For example, if you were looking for information about cooking recipes but didn’t want Wikipedia to be listed in the search results, the entry in the search bar would be something like “cooking recipes”.