In Order to Appeal to Customers on Mobile Devices, It’s Important to:

Last updated: October 4, 2022

Did you know that around 60% of online searches are now being done on mobile devices? More importantly, did you know that 7.26 billion people now own a mobile device? In other words, if you want to appeal to customers on mobile devices, it’s essential to do what?

Include your phone number as your display URL

Send users to a video-based landing page

Send users to a mobile-friendly landing page

Avoid using ad extensions

If you are trying to appeal to customers on mobile devices, you have to send them to a mobile-friendly landing page. This is because you need to allow your potential customers to make the most out of their limited screen space, and sending them to the desktop version of the website won’t allow that to happen. More importantly, you should still include your phone numbers or locations to enable customers to contact you, or know where to find you.