Social Media Tactics Tend to Fall Into 3 Categories

Last updated: October 5, 2022

With social media becoming such a massive marketing tool, it’s important to know the various tactics that are used. These tactics include paid advertising, recruiting an influencer, creating website content, and more. However, all of these tactics fall into three categories; which are they? 

Paid, owned, earned

Earned, influenced, purchased

Aimed, taught, bought

Earned, borrowed, acquired

The correct answer to this question would be paid, owned, and earned. Each category is quite different, so strive to achieve all three for a successful social media marketing campaign. Paid social media tactics are relatively straightforward and are methods that involve a paid transaction, such as paying for display ads, pay-per-click advertising, or content generated by an influencer. 

Meanwhile, owned social media tactics refer to any content you have created, whether a social media post or content you have made for your newsletter or website. Finally, earned social media tactics refer to anything you have not bought or do not own, which could be a conversation created around a post, service, or product of yours, a review about your product, or even a mention on Instagram.