Someone searches on “laptop computers” and clicks an ad. which landing page would be most relevant?

Last updated: January 18, 2023

Digital marketing is quickly becoming one of the most widely used forms of marketing, and has helped many websites and businesses grow within the last few years. However, having said that digital marketing needs to be applied correctly, and one of the factors that determines success is the use of keywords. When someone searches on laptop computers and clicks an ad, which landing page would be most relevant?

A computer store homepage

A page showing laptops

A page showing a tablet

A page showing both laptops and desktops

When someone searches for laptop computers and clicks on an ad, the most relevant landing page would be a page showing laptops. The reason that this should be the most relevant is because it will help you to get more conversions at a better CPA. More importantly, the same product keyword needs to be used that is being searched by the user, and this is also true for the advertiser running a campaign.