When Building a Keyword List for a Display Network Campaign, You Should Do Which of the Following?

Last updated: December 27, 2022

Running a display network campaign is one of the effective methods of advertising in 2022, but many variables can affect the outcome. One of those variables would be the keyword list that you are building. Which of the following should you do when building a keyword list for a display network campaign?

Only include exact match keywords.

Use Display Campaign Optimizer to identify new keywords.

Include keywords related to the websites your customers visit.

Only use Keyword Planner to identify new keywords.

The correct answer would be that you should include keywords related to the websites your customers visit. Why? A successful advertising campaign, especially a display network campaign, is determined by how many people interested in your product or service see the advertisement. So, you should focus on keywords for websites you think your customers are likely to visit; this way, you can ensure your ads connect with people that will actually be interested in your products or services.