Which Ad Extension Would You Use for an Advertiser Who Has a Chain of Local Restaurants?

Last updated: October 4, 2022

If you are taking the Google Ads exam, one of the questions you might need to answer is “which ad extension would you use for an advertiser who has a chain of restaurants?”. The following are options usually provided, which is the correct answer?

Sitelink extensions

Seller ratings

Previous visits extensions

Location Extensions

The correct answer would be location extensions. The reason you would want to do this as an advertiser attempting to advertise a chain restaurant is that you want to maximize the effectiveness of the ad, by having it be displayed to users in the area. There are other benefits it provides, such as;

An increase of about 10% in clickthrough rates.

Providing the user with the ability to visit the location in person.

Ads can be placed around your business.

Multiple addresses can be added when linking with Google My Business.