Which Attributes Describe a Good Landing Page Experience

Last updated: October 18, 2022

When designing a website, one of the most critical aspects is the landing page and ensuring that experiencing it is pleasant for the visitor. So, which attributes describe a good landing page experience? 

High amount of user traffic

Easy to navigate

Relevant and original content

Transparent about the client’s business

The correct answer to this question would be a landing page that is easy to navigate, is transparent about the client’s business, and has relevant and original content. Visitors will see your landing page after they click on your ad, so it’s important to have a high-quality landing page. This is one of the most influential factors that lead to conversions. 

Another reason to have a quality landing page is that it determines a keyword’s quality score. For example, the relevancy of information and quality of content, what users expect to see once they click on the ad, the difficulty users have when navigating the site, and more.