Why is Average View Frequency Important to Measure?

Last updated: November 9, 2022

One aspect of advertising that is important to know is average view frequency, and one question that many people have is, “why is average view frequency important to measure?” A few typical answers are usually something like:

It shows how engaged people are with the ad

It shows how often the average person sees or interacts with the ad

It shows exactly how many people are viewing the ad

It lets you continually track conversions

In terms of why it’s important, it’s because it shows how often the average person sees or interacts with the ad. Another possible answer to this question is to see how engaged a viewer is with your ad. Measuring the average view frequency is necessary because you need to know how many times a person has viewed your ad over a certain period. It’s crucial to keep the average close to 1 since most people don’t want to see an ad more than once. 

Reach and Frequency 

Finally, if you are just learning about frequency, you have probably also come across the term “reach.” More importantly, you are most likely wondering which is more important and when to focus on which. Reach measures the number of people who see your ad, which is also important to measure. 

The general rule of thumb is that you should focus on frequency if you have a very niche audience or if you are in a niche market. This is because reaching more people outside your niche audience isn’t profitable; they won’t be interested in the ad. 

That said, try to cap frequency after a certain point since if the audience is a niche, the likelihood that the same person sees the same ad will increase, and you don’t want to make that audience tired of your ads since they will lose effectiveness. You should generally only focus on reach if you are trying to grow brand awareness or have a vast target audience.