Why Should Your Business Use Performance Planner?

Last updated: October 7, 2022

One tool that brands and businesses have begun using, which has shown to have a very positive effect on marketing, is Performance Planner. This tool is most commonly used for predicting how overall performance and key metrics might be affected by changes in a campaign, as well as for creating detailed plans for advertising expenses. However, one question that businesses ask quite frequently is “why should my business use Performance Planner?”. 

A – To help a business determine the best go-to-market strategy?

B – Because it’s the only ad budgeting software that exists?

C – Because it validates various budgets against vendors in the same market?

D – Because it makes recommendations that are validated using machine learning?

The correct reason why your business should use Performance Planner is D; because it makes recommendations that are validated using machine learning. More than this, Performance Planner is also used for improving the performance of your campaigns for the same amount of money by getting suggestions, as well as getting reports about how well the monthly and quarterly performance of your campaign is doing.